When can a photo be trusted?

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Join me for an AMA on reddit

I’m doing an AMA on reddit on Thursday Feb. 6 at 4:00 PM (ET). Please join me and feel free to ask anything related to image forensics, our work on photoDNA, our new photo authentication site izitru.com, or anything else that you’d like. 

For those of you that may be new to this blog, you can learn a little bit about me and my work from this NOVA episode, my blog, or my Dartmouth website.

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Great! It is the first website to identify image realism. I have tested some images. But it is just effective to un-resaved images. If an image is resaved but without tamper, the result is potential file modification. In addition, I wonder why choose these five method (devise signature analysis, JPEG structure analysis, etc) to detect?

[Forensic tools to detect specific forms of manipulation are not yet fully automatic and are somewhat open to interoperation. We therefore only make available forensic tools that specify whether an image is a camera original or not. -Hany]

September 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterYe Zhu

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