When can a photo be trusted?

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Welcome to the Fourandsix blog, where you’ll find tips on image forensics techniques and commentary on issues relevant to photo tampering and the responsible use of imaging tools.


Photo forensics from shadows

For the past decade I’ve been developing forensic techniques for determining if an image is a forgery. The general philosophy that I have adopted is to first concede that there is no single technique that can detect all forms of digital manipulation. I have, therefore, been developing a number of different forensic tools each tailored to detecting specific forms of photo manipulation – some of these techniques operate on subtle pixel-level statistics that are invisible to the human eye, and others operate on geometric properties that can sometimes be seen with a trained eye.

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What's in a name?

Back when I worked at Adobe, I used to joke that the most important qualification we should seek in a new hire was the ability to come up with good names for products and features. There are a lot of brilliant minds at Adobe, and we built some incredible things together, but figuring out what to call these things…well, that was always easier said than done. Now that I’ve struck out on my own, I’ve discovered that coming up with a name for a whole company is exponentially harder.

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We can enhance it.

I couldn't think of a better way to launch this blog than with this amusing video from a few years ago, courtesy of visual effects artist Duncan Robson. We'll be getting right to work on that "image enhancer that can bitmap.":

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